The Call Room with Dr. Robert BerryWelcome to The Call Room with me, your host, Dr. Robert Berry.

I am an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who cares for athletes young and old, and perform surgery and provide conservative care for all types of musculoskeletal conditions. 

As the medical director for sports medicine for one of the largest healthcare systems in Texas, I am here to give you an insiders perspective on what’s wrong with healthcare, and how we can fix this broken system.

I will draw on my experience as a former team physician for the NFL San Diego Chargers, X-Games, Red Bull, Super Cross and my career caring for professional athletes. 

I am also an author and father of three grown children, who all participated in athletics.

“The Call Room is a place where doctors go to retreat, recharge and relax, to reflect on what they saw that day. Taking care of patients, and to prepare for what’s ahead.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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“We’re going to have a discussion, we’re going to answer your questions, just like when you go to the doctor and you sit down and they answer your questions. We’re going to do the same in The Call Room.” – Dr. Robert Berry

I am passionate about reducing injuries in young athletes, and educating adults, coaches, parents, athletes, healthcare administrators, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals.

As you step into The Call Room, you will hear things that will shock you, educate and motivate you. Few people outside of medicine, ever get to step into the call room. This is your chance to become an insider and hear from an expert. 

This podcast will give you an inside perspective into health, wellness, fitness, medicine and the politics and policies effecting healthcare.

So I hope you come and join me, in The Call Room.

“We’re going to interview experts in their fields, we’re going to go over topics that you may of been reading about or hearing about, and we’re going to go on this journey together.” Dr. Robert Berry