Pharmacist Sarah Pristle - Why Prescriptions Cost so Much on The Call Room with Dr. Robert BerryHello everybody, and welcome to another episode of The Call Room with Dr. Robert Berry. Today on the show, we have special guest Sarah Priestle, Doctor of Pharmacy and 4th generation pharmacist. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Sarah cares for her patients at Hart Pharmacy and experiences many of the difficulties with the healthcare industry firsthand, so I knew that she would be a great voice to have on our show to help us understand better the murky world of prescription costs.

I know some of you may be wondering what if anything there is to know about prescription costs that is beyond the number you get on your bill, and the answer will surprise you. It definitely surprised me!

On today’s episode, listen in to learn how the prescribing process has changed over time, how the costs have increased over the years, and what you can do to minimize what you pay.

“Pharmacy benefit managers have taken advantage of their position as middlemen.” – Sarah Priestle

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Show Notes:

  • What makes up the total cost of a prescription
  • When pharmacy benefit managers first entered into giving prescriptions
  • What spread pricing is and how it affects the bottom line
  • How vertical integration has created an effective monopoly in the medical industry
  • Why prescribing what’s best for your patient may not always be possible for the care provider
  • The rebates that PBM’s receive for selling certain medications
  • What we can do to help mitigate the problem in the healthcare industry
  • Why you should always ask for the cash option if you can at your local pharmacist
“We always give people the cash option.” – Sarah Priestle

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“Physicians, pharmacists, and other providers are truly there to advocate for you.” – Sarah Priestle