How COVID Has Helped Heal Overuse Injuries In Youth on The Call Room with Dr. Robert BerryOver my career as a doctor, I’ve worked with all kinds of athletes, from professional leagues, the X Games, to high schoolers and more. And one trend I’m noticing that is worrying me is the upward trend of youth suffering from overuse injuries. In Texas, where I am currently practicing, there is a great emphasis on sports and doing as well as you possibly can, but is this causing more harm than it looks?

When kids start playing sports, they play it for fun, and often times the pressure that is put on them by coaches, friends, and family can make them feel a lot of pressure. And this pressure can often cause them to recoil at the thought of missing a practice or taking a break, when in fact a break will help them.

Listen in to learn how overuse injuries in sports occur, why they occur so much in young people, and what can be done to help overcome this problem.

“I quickly became aware that sports don’t have an off-season in Texas.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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Show Notes:

  • Robert’s experience with overuse injuries and young athletes
  • How Robert’s own kids got involved and excited about sports
  • Why the amount of kids undergoing emergency treatment due to overuse is concerning
  • The “r-word” and why it’s benefits are often overlooked
  • The benefit of crossover sports and what we can learn about it from Bo Jackson
  • Why rest is so critical
  • The importance of really listening to your kids and honoring their desires
  • What sports are for as a kid and why we need to remember that
“We should really give our kids and students an opportunity to rest.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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“If the goal is for you to eventually make it to professional play, you really want to protect yourself.” – Dr. Robert Berry