TCR-Mental-Health-and-Suicide-in-the-Pandemic---Who’s-at-Risk-on-The-Call-Room-with-Dr.-Robert-BerryAs we enter into Fall, we are coming to the close of Mental Health Month, and I wanted to use this opportunity to talk about something very close to me, and something which is unfortunately on the rise right now: mental health crises and suicide.

During this global crisis, people around the world are having to cope with debilitating circumstances, from a failing economy, to health crises, social isolation, and the list goes on. With all of this, I wanted to use this episode as a way to help prepare and inform all of my listeners on what to look for in those who need help and what you can do for them. We know that the outward appearance of people can be deceiving in this regard, as often times it is those people who seem totally together and always happy that are suffering.

Listen in to learn about the rise in mental health crises and suicides during the pandemic, what to look out for in those you love, and how you can help.

“If you listen to the news and you are looking at any of the statistics, you know that suicides and attempted suicides are on the rise.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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Show Notes:

  • Why the rise in mental health crises is unfortunately expected
  • Why a lack of access to our physical social activities is so difficult for us
  • How Robert has been affected by suicide
  • Why our healthcare system undervalues mental health
  • Ten warning signs that somebody may be suffering from poor mental health or depression
  • What you can do for someone who is exhibiting those warning signs and how you can help them
  • Why we need to remove the stigma from mental health
“We’ve been separated longer from people than we ever have been before in our lifetime as a nation.” – Dr. Robert Berry