04 - Reopening America in COVID-19 - The Call RoomIt’s been another week of quarantine from the coronavirus pandemic, and that means one more week of lockdown for the majority of Americans. Many people are starting to get worried about their finances, their jobs, and the people they love, but with little knowledge of what the future holds. Being in lockdown has left a lot of people despondent about whether or not their leaders are doing their best to take care of them.

But new data about COVID-19 shows that many decisions that were made at the beginning may have been overkill. With the limited data we had at the beginning, the expectation was that this major virus had the potential to kill swiftly and particularly hurt the elderly. However, knowing what we know now, is this lockdown still necessary? Can we get back to business as usual, or is it too soon?

Listen in as we get into the new data surrounding COVID-19, the power of herd immunity in past pandemics, and how we can help fight this together.

“For the countries that have gone before us, there will be the opportunity to learn lessons on things they did well and things they did not so well.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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Show Notes:

  • What we can learn from other countries and their lockdown strategies
  • The similarities between what is happening now and the Great Depression
  • The new data from the CDC on the coronavirus and what it means for our country
  • What makes herd immunity work and why it’s important
  • Why our leaders decided to lockdown and have their citizens in quarantine
  • New therapeutics and their potential in relieving the hospital system
  • Why we can’t take any viewpoint as face value and why we should take them with a grain of salt
  • Why Robert believes the apex of the coronavirus is behind us

“With this new coronavirus, people are saying ‘let’s get a vaccine!’. The problem is that we don’t know if we’ll ever have a vaccine.” – Dr. Robert Berry