17-Partial-vs-Total-Knee-Replacement-on-The-Call-Room-with-Dr.-Robert-BerryAs a doctor, I often get asked by my patients about knee replacements. What benefits does a knee replacement offer? Will I need to get another one later, or just once? Am I too old for a replacement? Should I get a partial or a total?

When I get asked these questions, there’s so much information, it can sometimes be hard to give a succinct answer. I wanted to put all of the information here in this episode, so anybody who is thinking about getting this surgery can get all of the information they need to make the best choice for them. Whether you’re a young athlete looking to get back out on the field or somebody who’s looking to get back to playing with your grandkids, this episode will shed some light on the many questions you may have.

“If you have a partial or total knee replacement, there are going to be some things that you are still not going to be able to do that you may have been able to do with a natural knee.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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Show Notes:

  • Why you would want a partial instead of a full knee replacement
  • Why it’s never too late for joint replacements
  • How long a partial knee replacement will last
  • What you can do to make the long-term of your replacement and revisions better
  • Why Robert thinks total knee replacements are a better option than a partial
  • The benefits of resurfacing the kneecap
  • The risk of complications in knee replacement surgeries
  • Why the future of joint replacement is looking bright for doctors and patients
  • Why using a CPM after surgery can be advantageous for recovering patients
“There’s not “too old” or “too young” with knee replacements, everybody is different.” – Dr. Robert Berry