13-A-Deadly-Game---Preventing-Heat-Illness-in-Athletes-on-The-Call-Room-with-Dr.-Robert-BerryThe summer is finally here, and for many people this means it’s time for sports!

Especially having been in this time of quarantine, people are itching to get out and have some fun in the sun. But the time we’ve spent inside may have put us in a false sense of security when it comes to the dangers of heat illness.

Today on The Call Room, we’re going over the basics of heat illness and how we can prevent it from taking the lives of any of our children, athletes, colleagues, or friends. While heat illness is extremely dangerous, it is 100% preventable if you know the signs.

From the intricacies of it’s symptoms to the basics of it’s prevention, listen in to learn everything about heat illness and how to stay safe this summer.

“Heat illness should never take a life, it is 100% preventable.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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Show Notes:

  • Why summer poses a different threat for athletes this year
  • What it  is and why it’s so deadly
  • The symptoms to look out for and what causes it
  • What we can do to help increase evaporation and keep our core temperature down
  • What it means to get acclimatized as an athlete
  • Why humidity along with heat can be a deadly combination
  • How to prevent heat illness
  • Which drinks are appropriate for good hydration and replenishment of vital liquids
  • How to know if somebody is not staying hydrated while on the field
“Drink water, but don’t wait until you’re thirsty, or else you’ll be too late.” – Dr. Robert Berry