Mental Coach Drew Morgan, MBA, MA on The Mental Aspect of Injury Recovery and Performance Improvement on The Call Room with Dr. Robert BerryAthletes and performers around the world are working on their craft every day, from swinging a bat or running a marathon, to practicing an instrument or revising a speech. The problem is that many of these people are solely focusing on only the physical half of their craft, while totally neglecting the half that may be even more important.

Today on The Call Room, we have mental coach Drew Morgan, MBA, MA to talk about the benefits everyone can receive from mental coaching, regardless of area of focus. A lifetime athlete, Drew has gone through injuries and slumps and realized early on that his fascination with the mental side of high-level performance gave him an edge. After graduating with a Master’s in Sports Psychology, Drew became a Certified Mental Performance Consultant and has been working with professional athletes and elite performers ever since.

If you have ever been nervous giving a presentation or felt like you couldn’t perform as you practiced, this episode of The Call Room is for you. Drew’s experience and advice is a lifeline to all of us who struggle with the mental side of their work, hobbies, or passions. Listen in to learn how Drew works with elite performers, what often gets in their way, and what you can do to overcome it yourself.

“It’s all about using our mind, which controls everything we do, and learning how to use it more effectively.” – Drew Morgan, MBA, MA

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Show Notes:

  • Why the mental aspect of being an athlete is so often overlooked
  • How learning how to use your mind like a pro athlete can be helpful to anybody
  • How to heighten your self-awareness
  • Some of the more common mental challenges that athletes have
  • Why negativity bias is so insidious, and why we have it
  • Drew’s tips on how to overcome some of the more common mental challenges
  • Why we should be worried about our methods, not the outcome
  • What Drew calls “swing thoughts” and how they can help us focus in the moment
  • How visualization can translate into success
  • How to reach your “Individual Zone of Optimum Function”
  • Drew’s advice to work on your public speaking
  • How mental coaches are often misrepresented and how they can help people
  • What to look for in a mental coach
“The thoughts that are popping up into our head are not necessarily accurate or truthful, so we can decide if we want to listen to it or not.” – Drew Morgan, MBA, MA

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“Almost every athlete around the world is training their body. Not many of them are training their mind.” – Drew Morgan, MBA, MA