23 Dak Prescot's Ankle Injury - Can He Come Back? on The Call Room with Dr. Robert Berry On today’s episode of The Call Room, we’re going to talk about the recent NFL game between the Broncos and the Giants and the devastating injury that brought Dak Prescot off the field. For anybody who was watching, it was a terrible situation that lead to a serious ankle injury and may lead to the end of Dak’s career.

But it’s not as grim as you might think. Many different athletes from all different sports and times have had simiolar situations and grown to meet the new challenges they faced. Having seen these injuries and these recoveries first-hand, I know it might seem impossible that somebody could recover from an injury like that. But on today’s episode, I want to show you that the future may be brighter and why you should have hope for Dak and his career.

“Dak had actually turned down a contract last year that would have made him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in history.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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Show Notes:

  • What happened with Dak and why it was so shocking
  • Robert’s experience with these types of injuries
  • How a dislocation can cause much larger problems down the line
  • How other great athletes and performers have overcome otherwise career-ending injuries
  • Why Dak may return as something different than the main quarterback role
  • Why we shouldn’t be worried about Dak’s recovery
“Dak Prescot is under the best of medical care, but that kind of injury, should it happen to anyone, is devastating.” – Dr. Robert Berry