USC COVID-19 Antibody Study - Do More Of Us Have Antibodies Than We Think? on The Call Room with Dr. Robert BerryRecently, the University of Southern California released the preliminary results of a study showing that COVID-19 infections in L.A. County greatly exceed the documented cases. While this news may sound alarming, this actually comes with a surprisingly bright spot: it shows that “the fatality rate is much lower” than originally thought. So now that we have this information, what can we do with it?

Today on The Call Room, we’re going over the implications of this new study and what it could mean for us getting back to our everyday lives. Since we have known relatively little about COVID-19, taking this unprecedented pause in our lives and in the country as a whole was necessary to stop the infection from hurting many of the immunocompromised in our society.

Does this new data mean it’s safe to start opening up businesses again and ultimately end our quarantine for good? Listen in as we go over the preliminary results of this new study on COVID-19 antibodies out of USC, what it means for our health, and what it means for the country as a whole.

“The more people that have been exposed to the virus who have developed antibodies and recovered, will certainly protect the population.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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“I think it’s important to be cautious, just like with any virus, and we are still learning about this and gathering data.” – Dr. Robert Berry

Show Notes:

  • How California has had such a small infection rate in comparison to other metropolitan areas like New York City
  • What the recent USC study on COVID-19 means for testing in the United States
  • How high amounts of antibodies have helped flatten the curve
  • Why this new data may shine some light on the real R-value for COVID-19
  • What we can learn from how Sweden handled the pandemic
  • Why Georgia and Florida’s opening up might teach us
  • The parallels between what is happening now and the Great Depression
“It took almost 13 years to recover from the Great Depression, and the job loss is exceeding that of the Great Depression, and so I think that is where everybody is a bit concerned.”  – Dr. Robert Berry