Reducing impact of COVID-19 on The Call Room with Dr. Robert Berry

Welcome to the first episode of The Call Room.

As a nation, we are facing an event like we have never seen: a worldwide pandemic.

I have gotten many questions from people regarding what we can do, where it started, and what will happen when it’s over, so I thought I would go over that on today’s episode.

Aside from the obviously huge impact it has had on the immunocompromised and elderly people in our population, we’ll also go over the impact it has had on our economy, businesses, freedom of congregation, and many more topics.

I hope you enjoy this episode. 

“This is the first time in history we have actually had governors of states actually order complete shutdowns.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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“When we look at what is happening around the United States, we have to ask ourself is this really worth it to shut down our entire economy?” – Dr. Robert Berry

Show Notes:

  • The origins of the coronavirus and the misinformation that is muddying the waters
  • What a coronavirus is and why they aren’t as novel as you might think
  • The purpose of preventative measures like social distancing, shelter in place orders, wearing masks and washing your hands
  • How the shutdown is affecting the economy
  • The impact the coronavirus has had on the population in comparison to other countries
  • Why our healthcare system may be impacted negatively by how the government is handling this pandemic
  • The future of vaccinations and cures for COVID-19

“If we’re going to stop a public health crisis, all of us need to cooperate.” – Dr. Robert Berry