COVID-19 Treatment Update - Hydroxychloroquine, Azitthromycin, Zinc and Vents on The Call Room with Dr. Robert BerryAs the COVID-19 pandemic has developed and our data has increased and improved, the amount of information about its treatment is starting to grow at a staggering rate. Most of these developments are good, as doctors are now given more information with which to provide for their patients, and patients are given more knowledge with which to choose their treatment. However, the problems lie in the details surrounding these new ideas and data and the critical analysis required to use them.

Today on The Call Room, we’re talking about the new treatments available for the coronavirus, as well as how we can deal with all of these suggestions and alternative treatments that have begun to spring up. Some people are saying that one treatment is too dangerous, while some say it is safe. Some people are saying our national prophylaxis is going too far, while others say it isn’t going far enough. What is the right answer, and how can we use these new ideas to find a way to help the sick and prevent this pandemic from getting worse?

We’re talking about new ideas in the treatment of COVID-19, why creating treatments is so difficult, and how to protect ourselves through critical analysis.

“I wanted to talk with all of you about what we’re seeing as the latest treatments in what is and isn’t working.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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“Many of the medications we use can be found in our natural environment.” – Dr. Robert Berry

Show Notes:

  • What inspired today’s episode
  • What makes the COVID-19 so serious in comparison to other viruses
  • Why working on treatments for COVID-19 is hard and ethically difficult
  • Why now is the time action, not the time for politics
  • How Ray Dalio dealt with his own crisis by seeking out lots of advice and data from respected doctors
  • Are we taking the necessary steps to protect our country from this pandemic?
  • Why we need to listen to ideas with an open mind and not be afraid to challenge each other’s ideas

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“When we’re in a crisis or pandemic, it’s certainly not a time for politics to take effect.” – Dr. Robert Berry