TCR-19-COVID-19-and-Shutdowns-of-College-Football-on-The-Call-Room-with-Dr.-Robert-BerryNormally, around this time of year, everybody in the southern United States is gearing up for one thing: Friday night lights and high school football. But of course, this year things are a bit different. With a worldwide pandemic in full swing, our attention instead turns to college football and that many of them are deciding not to play for the upcoming season.

Today on The Call Room, we’re going to look into whether or not colleges should be shutting down their football programs over COVID-19. With almost half a year of data on this new virus, we have learned a lot about it and how it can be handled. What we’re talking about today gives us hope that maybe these college football programs will rethink their decision, giving the community, the students, and the players an unforgettable opportunity.

Listen in to today’s episode to learn how college football is reacting and may be overreacting to the pandemic, and why they may not need to be so careful.

“With all of us looking at the same data, how is it that certain football conferences have decided to stay open and others have stayed closed?” – Dr. Robert Berry

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Show Notes:

  • Why Friday night lights and high school football aren’t capturing the headlines right now
  • The recent complications football players have had due to COVID-19
  • Why certain college football conferences are staying open while others are staying closed
  • The economic impact of shutting down college football
  • Why Robert believes that you can have college football be safe
  • The future of treatment for COVID-19
  • The collateral damage of COVID-19 to young people
  • How a year off of college football could impact seniors looking to play professionally
“Some would argue that football in the state of Texas is a religion, and to cancel football would be sacrilege.” – Dr. Robert Berry