15-Avoiding-Knee-Replacements-with-Cartilage-Transplants-on-The-Call-Room-with-Dr.-Robert-BerryAs we get older, the likelihood of us having join pain is essentially inevitable. Like a car gets older and needs parts replaced or retired, so do we. And luckily, like cars, we can replace these parts.

Today on The Call Room we’re talking about the amazing procedure of cartilage transplants and how it can help us. In the past, our solutions for joint pain have been through full replacements and procedures like Carticel and allografts. But science and technology have progressed to the point where we can now literally give people their own¬†cartilage back. How cool is that?

Listen in to today’s episode to learn about cartilage transplants, how they relieve us of our joint pain, and what to know before getting one yourself.

“When I’ve gone back and looked at these, it’s pretty remarkable how the cartilage grows back and fills in those defects.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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Show Notes:

  • How cartilage transplants “retread” your joints
  • How the first solutions for knee pain differed from a modern cartilage transplant
  • The reason that certain options have stuck around for longer than others
  • Why cartilage transplants were so revolutionary in treating joint pain
  • Why the “scar cartilage” treatment has fallen out of favor
  • What and who cartilage transplants are _not_ good for
  • When a knee replacement is a better option
  • How to choose the right surgeon to perform a cartilage transplant for you or a loved one
“Instead of retreading from another tire, it’s like getting a retread from the same tire.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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“The more cartilage transplants that I do, the more that I am really amazed at how well people will do.” – Dr. Robert Berry