Welcome back to The Call Room, with me, your host, Dr. Robert Berry.

Today we’re talking about Tiger Woods’s recent car accident.

We discuss what we know about his condition, the types of injuries he sustained, and how they could impact his recovery and future on the golf course. And we’ll dive deeper into the severity of his injuries from least to most concerning. 

I hope you enjoy this episode.

“Tiger’s probably one of the most mentally disciplined and tough athletes.” – Dr. Robert Berry


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“Anyone who can come back from the back injuries that he has had and the surgeries and then win a Masters, as he did in 2019, is absolutely amazing.” – Dr. Robert Berry

Show Notes:

  • The details of Tiger Woods’s car accident
  • Tiger Woods’s medical condition
  • Tiger Woods’s injuries from least concerning to most concerning
  • An estimate on when Tiger Woods will be back on the golf course
  • How many factors worked in Tiger’s favor that day, and will be highly beneficial to his rehabilitation and recovery

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“He is extremely committed, he is extremely disciplined… and I think what a story if he can make it back, not only from the back injuries and surgeries that he has had, but now from this tragic accident.” – Dr. Robert Berry