Should Americans Support The No Surprise Medical Bills Act on The Call Room with Dr. Robert BerrySince the passing of the Affordable Care Act, many people who were previously uninsured got covered for the first time and were able to get their health needs met. Unfortunately, the unintended consequences of this bill allowed for some big problems in the insurance market. Since that passed, we’ve seen many “insurance” companies in the marketplace that do little but provide the illusion of care, leaving patients with huge medical bills they thought would have been covered. Can the new No Surprise Medical Bills act in front of Congress help solve this problem?

Today on The Call Room, we’re going to go over the ins and outs of the No Surprise Medical Bills Act and why it’s not all it’s cracked up to bo. While it may sound good on the surface, it has some underlying issues that until they are addressed, will leave patients worse off than they were before.  Listen in to learn about the reality of this new act and what needs to change before it’s passed.

“Having an insurance plan does not guarantee care. You may have coverage, but that does not equal care.” – Dr. Robert Berry

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Show Notes:

  • What surprise medical bills are in the context of this bill
  • How grifters under the guise of insurance companies popped up with the Affordable Care Act
  • Why coverage does not necessarily mean you are paying for health care
  • The real reason why these surprise charges have started happening so often
  • What Dr. Berry believes is a better solution than the No Surprise Medical Bills Act
  • How this new act is taking away agency from the patient
“What’s happened with these out-of-network bills, is more and more and more insurance companies are not paying for out-of-network bills, or they are refusing to pay on behalf of their members.” – Dr. Robert Berry