The Call Room with Dr. Robert BerryAs the weather is changing and people are beginning to increase physical activities, many different types of injuries can arise if the wrong footwear is being used.

Today on the podcast we’re discussing how to avoid those injuries, and how to choose a running shoe to avoid injury. There are many different considerations to make before selecting the best shoe for you including the shoe design and the materials used in the shoe. I’ll unpack different types of common foot shapes, stride/gait patterns so that you can make the best decision once in the store. We’ll also talk about the history of the running shoe and current trends in running shoe design.

Listen in to learn about the importance of a good fitting running shoe along with tips for selecting the right shoe in order to prevent injuries and prolong your running season.

“The running shoe is one of the most important, if not the most important of the equipment for a runner.” — Dr. Robert Berry

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“Not everybody has exactly the same stride; no one individual’s foot is exactly the same.” — Dr. Robert Berry

Show Notes:

  • The importance of good quality, proper fitting shoes
  • The history of the running shoe
  • Specific considerations for picking the best running shoe
  • Recommended tips to keep in mind while choosing the right shoe for you
  • How the shape of your foot impacts the shoe you choose
  • How shoe designs affect different parts of your foot
  • The benefits of different materials, and how this can effect your stride and help with issues like arthritis

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“Don’t pick a running shoe based on the color.” — Dr. Robert Berry