Informed Consent for Athletes and Return to Play - Who should Decide When it’s Safe to Return to Sports after Surgery on The Call Room with Dr. Robert BerryToday on The Call Room, we’re talking about informed consent and why it’s important to consider when advising an athlete to return to sports after an injury.

Listen in to learn about the factors involved when advising an injured athlete about their return to sports, and the complexities that require a case-by-case analysis.

This episode was sparked from recent conversations I’ve been seeing online. I thought it would be great to share my own thoughts to further the conversation, and I hope it provides important discussion for you and your community.

“It is informed consent, discussing the risks and benefits with the athlete. No one athlete is the same, and no sport is the same.” — Dr. Robert Berry

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“It really depends on the athlete, it depends on their athletic ability and a combination of both time and passing return to play testing.” — Dr. Robert Berry

Show Notes:

  • We define informed consent and outline why it’s important to consider among athletes returning to sports after an injury
  • How soon should someone return to playing?
  • Evaluating Philip Rivers’s return to the field in 100 days after sustaining a torn ACL as a case study example
  • Understanding the importance of an Athlete getting back to work
  • What considerations to make when working with athletes who are under 18 years old

“You have to have trust in your surgeon, you have to trust them, and trust that they are looking out for you.” — Dr. Robert Berry

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“That’s why we say the art of medicine, the practice of medicine. You are always continuing to get better to learn so that you can better care for your patients, advise them and their families.” — Dr. Robert Berry